About Us

44 years ago Max Safrin started out in the insurance business as a peddler selling policies door to door. With the help of his son Harold, they grew the Max Safrin Agency into one of the largest in New Jersey. Since then the agency has grown to accommodate a large number of satisfied customers from generation to generation. Keeping on top of a rapidly changing industry is a specialty of the Max Safrin Agency.

Though the industry may have changed, customer service and business ethics have remained the same. That is why they are a symbol of stability in an atmosphere of change.

Max Safrin Agency, located at 2266 Springfield Ave., Vauxhall, New Jersey is an independent general car insurance agency.

The company is a family owned and operated business which has been successful in satisfying its customers for over 44 Years. As an independent car insurance agency, Max Safrin Agency makes use of a number of reliable auto insurance companies in order to find an auto insurance policy that is right for the specific needs of their diverse customer base.

Max Safrin Agency prides itself with "complete customer satisfaction". Max Safrin Agency builds a personal rapport with their customers. "Finding an auto insurance policy that is right for our clients is something we take seriously"